Reasons You May Need To Hire A Towing Company For Your Vehicle

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Hiring towing services to move a vehicle is not always the result of a breakdown. There are several situations where towing may be required, and knowing who to call when you need to move a vehicle is an essential part of the process.

Restoration Projects

Restoring a car or truck can require moving the vehicle to the body shop, the sandblasting shop, and between other businesses to get things done to it. Because the vehicle may not have an engine installed, the best way to move the vehicle is often to have towing services come and take the vehicle from one shop to another for you. 

A towing company with flatbed or rollback wreckers is often used to load the vehicle, so it is not on the ground and is protected from any damage. Adding a car cover over the vehicle is also a good idea, especially when returning from the paint shop. 

Throughout the restoration, you may need to move the vehicle several times. Still, if you find towing services with experience in moving partially disassembled cars, the process can be pretty painless. In most cases, you don't need to be there when the wrecker arrives, and the shop personnel will help the operator load or unload the vehicle from the back of the truck.

Vehicles Needing Repair

There are some situations when you need to take your car to an auto repair shop, but it is not running well enough to drive or the brakes, transmission, or other parts are not working, making the vehicle dangerous to drive. While the car is still running, the best solution is often to have a towing service company pick the car up and take it to your local auto repair shop. 

Towing the vehicle ensures it will arrive safely at the repair shop and keeps you from getting into an accident because you are driving to the shop. Often the cost of a tow like this is manageable, and because it is not an emergency, the company can usually fit you into the schedule, potentially saving you some money.

Unregistered Vehicles

If you buy a vehicle on the weekend or in an area that makes it difficult to register and drive it home, you may find that hiring a towing services company to move the car for you is the best option. The vehicle can be loaded up and taken directly to your home and placed in the driveway for you. 

Once the vehicle is at your house, you can register and insure it when you are ready. Driving a car that is not registered and insured could result in heavy fines and potential impound, and while putting it on a tow truck might be a little costly, it is often far cheaper than the fines you will get if you try and drive it without meeting all the local requirements. 


8 November 2021

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