3 Decisions To Make When Buying A Garbage Truck

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If you run or are thinking about opening a garbage collection company, then you will need to purchase a garbage truck. If you have not had to buy many garbage trucks in the past or if it's your first time buying a garbage truck, then you might need a little bit of guidance when making this major purchase. First, there are some important decisions that you will need to make. These are a few decisions to carefully think about when buying a garbage truck for any purpose.

1. New vs. Used

One of the first decisions that you will need to make when purchasing a garbage truck is whether you would like to purchase a brand-new truck or a used one. Buying a brand-new garbage truck will allow you to take advantage of newer technology and reliability, but it will typically be a little more expensive. There are nice used garbage trucks out there that are available at a low price, but it pays to carefully inspect any used garbage truck that you are thinking about buying to ensure that it's in good condition. You may want to hire a diesel mechanic who has experience with garbage trucks in particular to help you carefully look over a used truck before buying it.

2. Appropriate Size

Another primary decision that you will need to make when buying a garbage truck relates to the size that you want to purchase. Garbage trucks come in different sizes. Smaller trucks are often useful for residential purposes, or they can be used for light commercial garbage collection. If you are going to be using your garbage truck for large-scale commercial garbage collection or industrial use, then you will probably want to go with a larger garbage truck that holds more garbage. Compare the capacity of each truck before buying to ensure that it will suit your company's needs, no matter what you might have in mind for it.

3. Price

Although it might seem like garbage trucks are expensive, there are some good-quality garbage trucks available that are not very expensive at all. Of course, bigger, newer trucks that have more features are typically going to have a higher price tag. Set a company budget so that you will know which trucks to look at so that you will not go over your company's budget. Keep operating costs in mind as well so that you can purchase a garbage truck that will be affordable for your company to operate.

Speak with someone who provides garbage truck sales to learn what's available. 


8 January 2020

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