Should You Buy A Truck That Needs An Overhaul?

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When it comes to purchasing a "new" truck for your business, nothing offers quite as much value as buying used. While most used buyers are looking for a truck that's as close to new as possible, hunting down a low-mileage example that needs no work isn't the only option. Depending on your needs and capabilities, there may be significant advantages to looking for a truck that requires a bit of TLC. If you're in the market for a rig and looking to save some dough, keep these considerations in mind before you hit the used lot.

Overhauls Are A Normal Part Of Life

If you've previously only worked for a company or with leased equipment, then you may not be used to driving high-mileage trucks. Most drivers try to get as much life out of their rigs as they can, and ultimately that means that overhauls are a simple fact of life. Even older diesel engines could easily make it to half a million miles, and running with nearly a million miles on newer engines is not uncommon. Everything comes to an end, however, and sooner or later, all trucks will require an overhaul. As you browse through the options at your local dealer, keep in mind that a tired engine doesn't mean that a truck's useful life is coming to an end.

High-Mileage Trucks Can Be Bargains, But Don't Be Deceived

Overhauls are nothing to be afraid of, but that doesn't mean that they aren't costly. When viewing high-mileage used vehicles, keep in mind that the sticker price will only be a portion of your actual acquisition cost. Even if a truck seems to be running well, assume that any engine with 700,000 or more original miles will require an overhaul shortly. Consult with a qualified shop to determine the likely cost of overhauling the particular truck that you are considering and roll this into your purchase price. If necessary, use this to help negotiate a better price at the lot.

Keep Your Requirements In Mind

What kind of life will your new (to you) truck live once it's in your care? If your truck is likely to be exposed to particularly harsh conditions or hard driving, then it may be worth considering lower mileage examples. On the other hand, a high-mileage truck might be an incredible bargain if your work will mostly take you over easy highway miles. If possible, talk with existing owners to get a sense of what high-mileage ownership is like for the truck that you're considering. After all, there's no replacement for real-world experience.

Being an owner-operator is all about making the right trade-offs to keep yourself in the black. If you know what you're getting into, buying a high-mileage truck can be a great way to save a ton of cash and keep your profit margins healthy.

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30 December 2019

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